Thursday, November 19, 2015

Look what I Googled?

I typed in alien skeletons into Google's search link line, and got much more than I expected. I had heard of a six inch tall humanoid type skeleton, and indeed it was among them, it's head had a prominent forehead 'ridge' and slight point at the top of its head, I have reference links on the right side bar, where you can see photos, and read about the vast amount of research conducted on 'it'.

But there were many different types of skeletons, some like a 70ft giant humanoids.

One day, if I live long enough, or perhaps in my next life time, when we have advanced enough that everyone has a star ship in their garage, would I upon roaming the galaxy and coming across a primitive culture that couldn't crush me by stepping on me, might I be inclined to 'mess' with them.

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

In The Beginning?

Could this be the'serpent' that spoke to Eve?

Someone admired this creature enough to make a clay pendant of 'it'.

Lets not forget that flesh, feathers, or perhaps scales, 'go' with bones. There are recorded in the Bible, 4 conscious beings in the garden of Eden, 'God', Adam, Eve, and 'the Serpent'; this serpent, talked, and obviously thought, (connived,) schemed, and gave Eve a super sales pitch, 'beguiling,' Eve to eat the 'forbidden' fruit. Gen.3:1-13

Adam, and Eve, 'heard' the voice of 'god' 'walking' in the garden ... Gen.3:8

This 'god' cursed Adam, Eve and the serpent. Adam was condemned to be a worker/slave, Eve was condemned to give birth in pain, and the serpent was condemned to 'go' upon his belly, and to eat dust off of the ground, Gen.3:14, what you would call real low-down. From this verse, one can assume that the serpent did not 'go upon his belly' prior to the curse, so could have had arms and legs, and stood upright. I'm 'speculating' that both the 'pre-curse serpent' and the 'walking god' were advanced aliens, perhaps advanced in genetics, and cloning, as well as space travel, but not especially interested in our common good.

I am not an atheist, my God is Spirit, resides inside of me, communes through my mind.

All ancient myths have legends of 'Dragons'; and what is a Dragon, but a 'serpent' with arms, legs, a flaming breath, and 'wings' (it can fly), perhaps it came down from Heaven, thus it was either a god, Angel, or Cherub, .. (flying children?); after all who else can come from Heaven, (sky).

Fire, was always a good way to cover up evidence, either by burning it, or blowing smoke before eyes. Radiation can produce a red 'glow' looking like a 'fire' that does not consume. Exodus 3: 2-6, Exodus 24: 17 (I just use what's left of the Bible, I don't have access to the Vatican's Library.)

Ever read 'Chariot's Of The God's?' They, the aliens, have been with us since the beginning, obviously they could have harmed us if they wanted, with their advanced technology. Did they cause the flood? If so they promised a 'rainbow' that they would never again send a flood. We humans could cause any 'god' to tear out his or her hair.

I believe they worship the same one true God that we worship, because, in the beginning, when we were 'cloned' in 'his' image, we were given HIS SPIRIT. Buts that's getting so far off the beaten track, please forgive me.

Yahway and the Burning Bush

I believe, we were messed with, Exodus 3:2 And the angel of the Lord appeared unto him in a flame of fire out of the midst of a bush: and he looked, and, behold, the bush was not consumed. Perhaps The fire and smoke of a 'glowing' UFO, no doubt equipped with a 'loud speaker', and fun-loving alien.

This YHWH Yahway, must of had some good points, after all, he gave us the Ten Commandments, one of which is "Thou shalt not kill." .. but weather to keep us from killing fellow 'slaves', thus effecting production of 'gold', or just good rules to live by? Later, that same 'god' told us to kill every man, woman, and child, of the 'enemy'.

It could have been the image of YHWH, that we were made (cloned) in the beginning. Later a 'rib' of DNA was removed from Adam while he was in a deep sleep, and manipulated enough to create woman, thereafter we happily 'cloned' ourselves. Genesis 2:21 All men were called Adam, in the day of their creation, it wasn't just the 'one' man. Gen. 5:2

Saturday, November 14, 2015

Were we ever alone!?

We picture in our minds a pyramid being built, by thousands of ancient Egyptians, roped together, pulling rectangular stones weighing tons up a vertical ramp, and laying them so close together that to this day, we could not put a sheet of paper between them,


Today, aliens are channeled. Today, they would not appear before us, because we would kill them before they get a chance to say a friendly "Hello!"

Today we have evolved technologically, but I wish I could say that we are more Spiritually evolved than we are.